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Advance Fitting is a global provider that offers a variety of sizes of Alloy UB6 Channel to its various clients. These channels are manufactured and shipped by the company. Our objective is to earn the satisfaction of our customers by providing Alloy UB6 Channels of superior quality, at prices that are both competitive and affordable, and in a timely fashion. Outstanding corrosion resistance is offered by the highly austenitic alloy UB6 channel over the entirety of the process stream.


The high Chromium and Nickel content of this kind of stainless steel, in addition to the additional Molybdenum and Copper, makes it an excellent material for the production of angles and channels. In addition, we are the most reputable supplier of high-quality stainless steel products on the market. We sell a diverse selection of products into a variety of different industrial markets. Our high-grade Alloy UB6 Channel has exceptional chemical properties as a result of the high concentrations of nickel and molybdenum that it contains. In terms of chloride stress corrosion cracking resistance, pitting resistance, and overall corrosion resistance, this alloy exceeds its standard molybdenum enhanced grades. Similar resistance to Alloy UB6 Channel may be seen in other inorganic compounds, such as heated phosphoric acid and others.


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