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Advance Fitting is a leading producer and supplier of alloy ub6 Outlet Fittings, which are suitable for usage in strong reducing acids as well. alloy UB6 Welding Outlet Fittings are made out of a totally austenitic low-carbon steel that also has molybdenum and copper added to it. These Stainless Steel 904L Socket Weld Outlet Fittings are resistant to corrosion in oxidising as well as reducing situations. This is made possible by the high nickel and chromium content that the fittings contain.


Pitting and corrosion in tight spaces are resisted by the copper and molybdenum in Stainless Steel 904L Threading Outlet Fittings. Because nickel is a component of alloy ub6, these Flexible Outlet Fittings can withstand chlorine SCC and intergranular corrosion. Sweepolet fittings made from alloy ub6 are especially resistant to the corrosive effects of sulfuric and phosphoric acids, but they can shatter under the stress of high temperatures. These Stainless Steel 904L Nipple Outlet Fittings are utilised in piping systems, air purification devices, heating and cooling exchanges, and bleaching machinery.

Due to its high price, duplex stainless steel 2205 is often used in place of alloy ub6 Latrolet Fittings, which is commonly recognised to have pricey components such as nickel and molybdenum. Despite the greater pressures required, this alloy ub6 Insert weldonet Fittings will react in the same way as other austenitic stainless steels like as 304, 316, or 317.


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