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An electrode that is extruded and has a medium-heavy coating and is based on rutile. It is possible to weld in any position while producing a minimal amount of spatter. It has outstanding striking characteristics as well as limiting abilities. The ripple pattern on the weld bead is consistent throughout, and it is gleaming. The slag is compact, homogenous, and simple to remove, and the radiographic quality of the weld metal that has been deposited.


An electrode with a rutile flux coating that is extremely low in carbon and deposits a weld metal that is austenitic stainless steel with a composition of 23 percent Cr, 13 percent Ni, and 2.5 percent Mo. Because it has a high percentage of alloys and a high degree of ferrite, the weld metal may endure dilution from mild and low alloy steels without experiencing hot cracking or a brittle structure. It is utilised extensively in the application of buffer layers on steel components prior to the deposition of final layers utilising 316L or other types of stainless steel electrodes. The quality of the weld metal that has been deposited may be examined with X-rays. The electrode performs exceptionally well in situations that need fillet as well as butt welding. The Type 309Mo weld metal is one of the most flexible weld metals available for welding mixed combinations of low and high alloy ferrous elements. Because it contains more alloy and ferrite than 309 or 309L, it has a greater tolerance to dilution than either of those two.


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