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An electrode with a basic coating, low levels of carbon and hydrogen, that produces a nickel-based weld metal with a percentage of 2.5%. Applications that require strong yield strength and outstanding fracture toughness at temperatures as low as minus 73 degrees Celsius can take advantage of the all position electrode because it was developed for these requirements. The quality of the welds may be determined using radiography.


An extremely low carbon basic coated low-hydrogen electrode that produces a nominal 1.0 percent Ni weld metal. This electrode was intended for welding C-Mn steel and low alloy steel in applications where exceptional fracture toughness at temperatures as low as minus 51 degrees Celsius is required. When compared to plain C-Mn weld metal, plain C-Mn weld metal with 1.0 percent nickel added produces micro structural refinement along with greater tolerance to procedural changes. The quality of the weld metal that was deposited may be examined with X-rays.


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