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Alloy ub6 Angle, which may be used in many different industrial settings, is produced and supplied by industry leader Advance Fitting. Because of its strong corrosion resistance and strength, the nickel-molybdenum-copper alloy known as ub6 Angle has gained widespread use. This grade's strengths are its toughness, weldability, durability, and malleability. High resistance to pitting, stress corrosion, and crevice corrosion in reducing or hostile environments means this grade sees extensive use. By using only the finest materials, Alloy ub6 is built to last a very long time while maintaining its exceptional strength and efficiency.


Advance Fitting offers Alloy UB6 in a number of sizes, shapes, and specifications to meet the needs of any project. These are excellent because they combine several desirable characteristics, such as high resistance, durability, workability, a beautiful finish, a sturdy construction, a long life, and minimum care. Our manufacturing professionals adhere to all national and international quality requirements to create precisely sized angles and channels. Our Alloy UNS UB6 is utilised in several different industries because of its high quality and performance.

Our state-of-the-art factory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and tools, allowing us to successfully manufacture Alloy ub6. The physical, mechanical, and chemical qualities of angles and channels are evaluated using destructive and non-destructive quality testing. The job of quality auditors is to make sure that each stage of manufacturing includes exhaustive testing of all kinds. In addition, we had Alloy ub6 examined by an outside party at the request of our esteemed customers. We have a well-organized warehouse and storage facility where we keep finished and nearly finished goods.


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