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Advance Fitting is a well-respected industry leader in the production and export of 904L Angle. The manufacture of a consistent and homogenous self-repairing subscale may be achieved through the use of stainless steel 904L angle, which is a type of steel angle that contains aluminium. After being heated to temperatures ranging from 1200°C to 900°C, these Stainless Steel 904L Angles may be rapidly cooled with either water or air. Stainless Steel 904L is an extremely austenitic stainless steel that possesses exceptional corrosion resistance across the board for all processes.


The high Chromium and Nickel content of this Stainless Steel grade, in addition to the additional Molybdenum and Copper, makes it an excellent choice for the production of Angles and Channels. Our high-grade Stainless Steel 904L Angles and Channels offer exceptional chemical features thanks to the presence of Nickel and Molybdenum in their construction. This alloy beats standard molybdenum enhanced grades in terms of chloride stress corrosion to cracking, pitting, and overall corrosion resistance. Other inorganic compounds, such as heated phosphoric acid and others, do not pose a threat to our Stainless Steel 904L Angles or Channels because of their resistance. Angles constructed out of SS 904L can have widths anywhere from 20 to 100 millimetres and thicknesses anywhere from 5 to 25 millimetres. Angles are available with lengths ranging from one thousand to five thousand millimetres in measurement. In addition to that, we manufacture them according to the requirements of our customers.


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