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Advance Fitting is a leading manufacturer and supplier Alloy UNS N08904 Angle that is suitable for use in a variety of industrial applications. Alloy UNS N08904 Angle is a popular alloy that comprises nickel, molybdenum, and copper and provides high corrosion resistance and strength. Toughness, weldability, durability, and formability are all advantages of this grade. Due to its outstanding resistance to pitting, stress corrosion, and crevice corrosion in any reducing or hostile environment, this grade is widely utilised. In order to achieve great efficiency and durability, we construct Alloy UNS N08904 with high-quality raw materials.


Advance Fitting has an Alloy UNS N08904 in a range of dimensions,standards, sizes, and client’s requirements. These have a great mix of qualities, such as high resistance, durability, workability, a beautiful finish, a solid structure, a long life, and little upkeep. To make angles and channels with the right sizes, our production specialists follow all international and national quality standards. Because of its high quality and performance, our Alloy UNS N08904 is used in a wide range of industrial fields.

We have high-tech manufacturing facility with cutting-edge machinery and equipment to produce the Alloy UNS N08904 Angles and channels are subjected to destructive and non-destructive quality tests in order to assess their various physical, mechanical, and chemical properties. Quality auditors ensure that all types of testing are conducted at every level of production. In addition, at the request of our valued clients, we have Alloy UNS N08904 inspected by a third party. We preserve finished and almost-finished products in a well-organized storage area and warehouse.


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