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Austenitic stainless steel fasteners, such as grade 904l, manufactured to ASTM A193 specifications, are engineered to endure high temperatures and pressures. The use of any nonspecified element in the ASTM A193 UNS N08904 Bolts Nuts alloy is absolutely banned because the chemical criteria are detailed in this specification.


Grade 904L stainless steel is not stabilised and is not magnetic. This type of stainless steel is also called a highly alloyed grade. When compared to grade 316, 904l Stainless Steel Fasteners are more resistant to strong reducing acids like sulphuric acid because copper was added to the alloy. Steel that has been in sulfuric acid for a long time will break down quickly. Because it has a higher amount of nickel in its chemical makeup, the DIN 1.4539 Threaded Rod has a lot of properties like stress-related corrosion cracking and crevice corrosion.

The way this alloy is made also makes it resistant to damage from reducing agents in both harsh and mild environments. After being cold worked, SS 904L Studs are often treated with a solution to make them more resistant to stress-related corrosion cracking in harsh environments.


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