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This grade of stainless steel is austenitic and unstabilized. This stainless steel variant has a low carbon content, as indicated by the letter L next to the grade number. These Stainless Steel 904L Fasteners have a maximum carbon content of 0.02 percent. In reality, the low carbon content of these fasteners renders them resistant to sensitization by welding, preventing intergranular corrosion. Copper is added to the alloy of this high-alloyed stainless steel in order to increase its resistance to strong reducing acids such as sulfuric acid. Additionally, the 904L Bolt Nuts have exceptional formability, durability, and weldability. Grade 904 L is non-magnetic; hence, it can be used in situations where its non-magnetic character is advantageous to the intended product. Despite the excellent oxidation resistance of fasteners made from stainless steels of Grade 904L, the structural integrity of this grade fails at temperatures beyond 400°C. The alloy of 904L Stainless Steel Bolts can be solution treated between 1090 and 1175 degrees Celsius, after which the fastener is rapidly cooled to quench it.


Due to the high nickel and molybdenum composition, the 1.4539 Bolt is resistant to stress corrosion cracking and crevice corrosion. To attain optimal resistance to stress corrosion cracking, grade 904L must be cold worked and then solution treated. Bolts of grade 904L are nonetheless susceptible to stress-related cracking, particularly in conditions containing chlorine. The 904L Screws have applications in piping systems, gas scrubbing plants, oil refinery components, pollution control equipment, seawater cooling devices, heat exchangers, and bleaching systems, as well as in acetic, phosphoric, and sulfuric acid processing plants, wiring in electrostatic precipitators, and pulp and paper processing industries.


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